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Thread: Need help and full tutorial in getting emulators and roms!!

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    Arrow Need help and full tutorial in getting emulators and roms!!

    I need help installing emulators and getting roms for my Wii!

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    search the downloads section, i believe there is some emulators in there. as for roms, google them, they are everywhere. once you have the emulators-- if .dol run in homebrew channel from apps folder , if .wad, run in wad manager.

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    Ok mine are .smc would it make a difference if I had those file types? and one more question. I have a SNES emulator Snes9xGX. Do I put it in the apps folder like I did with the homebrew channel?

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    for the snes emulator open it on your pc to see if it has either .dol .elf or .wad. then folow what i already said. .dol (whole file) goes in the apps fiolder . and .wad goes in the wad folder on your sd card. use waninkoko wad manager 1.4 or 1.5 for your wad files.
    on the root of sd card make folder called fceugx and place all nintendo roms there.
    its easier to use homebrew browser to download the emulators as it will create all the folders on your sd card for you, you will have to get your own roms tho. i was

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    im lost here and need some guidance as im still new to my wii
    how do i install a emulator in my wii?
    and after i had it install i should have a rom file to make it run is that right?
    i bought a soft mod korean wii set and its running on a 3.2u firmware

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    Looking for help as well. I have roms that are .wad files. Im using a WD 250GB digital passport to put everything on. How do I set this up for all the emulators??
    My drive was totally formatted with the WBFS Manager.
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    DEAR JC dont bomb us with noob questions. this is what happens when people are bored to search...

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    dear messie if you are reffering to me then im sorry though for being a noob
    i thought this is a forum to ask and share.

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    noobness has its limits... it s a forum to search, then ask and then share. Have you read the rules?

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    i have search and read the rules
    only problem with me is that i cant really understand a single thing of whats what
    all this ios, cios with so many revision going on im lost here
    furthermore been reading lots of the threads here before asking though
    well i can tell you unlike the psp, i know you need an iso file to play a game
    but for a wii all i know is how to boot a back up using neogamma
    that came with it when i bought it....

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