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Thread: CycloDS Firmware v1.55 Released

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    Arrow CycloDS Firmware v1.55 Released

    CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.55 has been released and is available for download.

    Firmware v1.55, DOWNLOAD HERE
    TC support page, SOURCE, NEWS

    Changes in this release include:

    * DSL/DSi hybrid games are now supported (3938, 3949)
    * New view mode: sort by last played
    * "argv" information passed to homebrew software
    * Added the ability to customize the enhanced menu button trigger via config.xml
    * After an in-game reset, the last game played will be selected in the game list
    * Fixed Wii connectivity for Pokemon Platinum
    * While traversing directories, the position of the selection in parent directories is remembered (instead of the selection being reset to the first entry each time you return to a parent directory)
    * New config.xml options for setting the root directory for the game list, and customizing the executable launched when "Media" is selected from the main menu (so you can select between Moonshell 1, Moonshell 2 etc)
    * Soft reset is now supported under Moonshell 2, and Moonshell 2 has been made the default media player
    * Fixed intermittent freezing issue with GTA:CTW
    * Game compatibility fixes (3538, 3607, 3812, 3872, 3874, 3960, 3966, 4125)
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