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Thread: Help with WBFS hard drive please!

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    Help with WBFS hard drive please!

    I used wbfs manager 3.0 to format and put a .iso game on my western digital passport hard drive. it worked and i can play the game on usb loader. when i brought the drive back to my pc is where my problem is. windows recognized the hard drive as a "cd drive" and i cant access it as a drive from windows or in wbfs manager. anyone know what my problem could be? thanks in advance for your help.

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    Not sure but you could go into Drive management on your PC and make sure the drive partition is set as primary and active. Windows has a hard time recognising WBFS drives anyway, although it helped me to have a WBFS set as primary and a small 20GB FAT32 or NTFS logical partition.
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    I also cannot get my PC to recognize my wbfs formatted drive. I only use it for my backups . Everything I need to do relating to by backups can be done through WBFS manager. I agree with Tealc99, you may need a partition formatted to something other than WBFS for windows to recognize your drive. This would be needed if you were looking for media center functionality I believe. If you are simply managing your backups however, WBFS manager should be sufficient.

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    So what happens when you select the drive letter from the drop down menu and click load in wbfs manager? If you have your drive plug in before your open wbfs it should default to your drive letter and then you would just need to click load. Wbfs doesn't show what's on your drive until your click load.

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