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Thread: Mario Kart not working since upgrade

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    Mario Kart not working since upgrade

    So I was on 3.2U and I used softmii + preloader. Mario Kart worked fine. I then upgraded to 4.1U and redid the same hack, but now when I insert the Mario Kart disc, the wii says it can't read it.

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    if your having an issue with the current version why not follow a tut found on this forum to revert back to the legendery 3.2

    it could simply be a problem Cios im sure while browsing the forum i noticed a new version of the Cios used for "backed up" games was availible its worth checking out
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    Hmm maybe, but don't some new games that come out only work with 4.1 or something?

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    I have found that the Wii may have an issue depending on the age & serial number, I have first hand experience of this using 2 PAL models with the same hacks installed, both behaved differently.
    I say, if it ain't broke don't fix it, I am finally having great success with 3.2 Firmware, and USB Loader CFG, & cIOS Rev14.
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    Good point, thanks for the answer! I guess I'll try and install cios rev14 first and if that doesn't work, use bootmii to restore back to my 3.2. However, I bought my wii a while back and it doesn't have any of the problems I've heard of.

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    just to inform you, newer games won't need an upgrade, just to get ioses 38, 50 53, 55 patched...

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    Yeah, I just learned that like an hour ago. I'm going to rehack my wii. I found 2 very useful articles just in case anyone else wanted them. They really helped me understand a lot more about wii hacking.

    Very good explaination of current wii hack methods:
    Noob Starter Guide -

    Cleaner, faster way to hack:
    * * * Simplistic mod - A MUST FOR ALL NEWBIES * * * -

    Thanks for the replies everyone!

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    actually it s almost the same with the one we have here.. but nevermind..


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