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Thread: SoftMii vs preloader with Cioscorp?

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    SoftMii vs preloader with Cioscorp?


    I'm getting tired of always trying to get disk loaders working with newer games I was looking into installing either of the two options or just waiting it out. The thing is when I try to look up SoftMii, I can't find the website and I don't know if it is still in development or not.

    Also, when looking through the forums I've seen various comments saying that people would regret installing Cioscorp 3.3. I dont know if it was against cioscorp in general or just that point release. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on this?

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    First SoftMii is a pack that comes with preloader and Cioscorp. They're now hosted over at Before you install Cioscorp make sure you have Bootmii installed and have made a nand backup if you can install Bootmii as Boot2. It will save headaches if you ever want to remove Cioscorp.


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