ive recently wanted to create sum backups after havin a month or two of playin of my usb thing is ive bought some Verbatim x16 Printable discs on the basis they seem to be what works best and not one of them so far has burned succesful,with nero it fails at varying times (PES 2009 at 96%,was i pissed off!!!!) and imgburn doesnt even recognize the discs?? with nero they have been burnt at x2 up to x8 with x4 being the closest to completion,im gettin miffed now because out of a 10 pack i have 6 left of which i am weary of using,i know its not the burner as ive tried some cheap shit staples discs that burn perfectly with no issues but are useless in the wii as it returns disc error at reguarly intervals in games,anyone else have this problem with verbatim discs?? especially the imgburn error,some people say they use any DVR and others swear by verbatim...i must be the exception,not gettin either to work any help appreciated.thanks will be given.