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Thread: Few questions, help a new out

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    Few questions, help a newb out

    Hiya guys, i'm a kind of a noob in this matter, i bought my wii april this year and i haven't played it much since the games cost a lot and such.. so i was wondering how could i play burned games or even through a SD card..
    I've tried to search some things out but theres so many info and so many terms that i'm not familiar with that i think i'm even more confused than i was before.. can someone help me out?
    Whats the homebrew channel thing?
    Can i still use the twilight hack on my wii (or does it work with some other game as well)?
    Can i run game through a SD card?
    Can i download some games from the internet, burn them and play it on the wii (What do i need to do that, since my PS had to be chipped to do that)?
    What are the alternatives to play those games mentioned above (without chipping it)

    Thanks in advance
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    home brew channel is the start of all things great that can happen for your wii.
    twilight hack depends on which verion firmware you currently have.
    sd card games- again depends what firmware you have
    dl'ed games - only with the soft mod or chip
    alternitives- either buy them, or do the soft mod.
    look for soft mod any wii 3.1 - 4.1 of softmod for dummies 4.1
    and next time spend a little time in the faq section. all your answers are there. thanx

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    What does the homebrew provide me with, will it damage the console hardware?
    Anyways it has the 4.0E version
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    Any time you mod your system, you are at risk. As long as you follow the instructions to the letter you should not have any problems. to be sure of what tutorial you should use , look at your serial # on the bottom of your wii, look in the settings to find what firmware version your at, then look at those guides i already told you about. read them, read them again, and then read them again. dont start til you have an idea of whats going on . study it like its atest you need to pass. and in the meantine- look up homebrew channel in the faq or the search bar. good luck. thanx

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    All the tuts point to the same direction, i think i'll try this one since my wii its still fresh new, i only upgraded it when i firstly bought it..
    And i've looked at the serial # but now what? what do i do with it
    Does the homebrew come with all the games/apps or do i need to import them afterwards (is it just me or those games look like old school non-wii games?)?
    What are these so called backups (burn your own backups, playing backups, etc)?
    Last question, what do i need to do to download this game from somewhere, burn it in a dvd/cd and play it on the wii (without getting my wii chipped)?

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    serial # -- make sure its not lu64 or 65, as the mod for those is specific.
    home brew channel comes as a channel, empty, you find the apps you want and load them from that channel.
    backups are exactly what the name implies- a backup copy of game you have , so you dont wear the original -ex, scratches.
    and you need to follow that guide to the letter, to do any kind of homebrewing.

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    Serial is LEH201... so i think it isn't a problem. So basically backups stands for what i call burned games? If so, in a PS2 i needed to chip it to play those games, with the wii i dont? correct me if im wrong, and thanks for all the replys

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    nope , you got it right.
    your serial # means you should have no issues either. remember, follow the guide exactly, and in a couple hours you'll be exploring the new greatness of your wii. thanx and goodluck


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