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Thread: Pokemon Silver Soul and Hear Gold Translation!

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    Pokemon Silver Soul and Hear Gold Translation!

    Yup you read right, now mind you its not a full translation but it includes these things: Pokemon battles completly translated (like the items and moves). The pokedex is a little translated but not much, and finally the map is translated. Just thought i would pass this on!


    (I'm putting his video because he updates the translations regularly)

    This time i made sure....

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    Ill just wait for an english release

    I got many games that i need to play anyway

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    OMG I cant wait to play. I think that the Hoenn League was the best league ever. I cant wait to freaking play with Cyndaquil again, even though Charmander is the best. I love the graphics and the little extras that they did for the game. I played a small demo of the jap version and I think its pretty cool how they mixed a little bit of pokemon yellow as to how the pokemon follow you around. I think they should have made Diamond/Pearl/Platinum should have been.

    PS:Nanaya your freakin Kingdom Hearts siggy is freaking bad. I want one like that sooooo bad.
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