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Thread: New to getting backup games to work

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    Cool New to getting backup games to work

    Hi everyone. I am very new to this but I have been backing up my DS games using an R4 card for some time - if you know what I mean Is there some way of doing the same thing with my WII, using maybe a micro SD card in an SD adapter card that I can put in the front slot of my WII. I have been reading some forums on the subject and I think I might know how to do it but can someone please put it plain english for me, i.e. step 1, step 2 and so on and also what software I need to do this. Thanks everyone for your patients, I am a very quick learner so I will only bother you this once. Cheers

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    Why not just buy a real SD card instead of a micro one? 2gb costs like $12
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    you could try the search bar in the middle of the screen. there is a few great guides here at wiihacks that put in the easiest plain old english you could read. softmod for dummies 4.1 or softmod any wii 3.1 - 4.1 . both are written for toddlers to understand. good luck. thanx

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    best is to load games on an HDD.. see the tutorials, search for biigstyks advice


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