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Thread: Bricked Wii, Possible bluetoth module problem

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    Bricked Wii, Possible bluetoth module problem

    My bricked wii loads preloader and HBC but not the system menu. Also, the wiimotes are not syncing. I thought of two different solutions:

    1.Use any region changer to reinstall system menu

    2. Fix the bluetooth module possibly

    Solution 1 will not work with a GC controller, anyone know if it can?

    And I have no idea how to check if the bt module is fried. anyone know how to check?

    Thank You!

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    Simple method to check.

    Can you start the Wii with the Wiimote? i.e. Can you get the Wii from Red light to Green light by holding the Power button on the Wiimote.

    Generally if the bt module is fried it will not allow you to strat the Wii at all using Wiimotes. It could also be badly seated, worth checking that before purchasing a new one.
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    not starting at all using wiimotes. how do I check if its unseated?

    Also one of my friends accidentally did the WSR update on a korean wii that was modded when he bought it. Now he gets a blue screen when he turns on his wii. Any hope for him?

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    Check youtube etc. Something I've never needed to do or seen done but I have heard they can work loose if dropped or knocked.

    If it's not even starting with the remote then it could well be the bt module.

    Not heard of blue screen at start-up, however those Korean Wiis are very strange compared with the other Wiis.
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    Thumbs up Yes it is the BT Module that it's damaged!

    Hey owaisofspades, Tealc99 is right. It happen to me that my Wii Console after Upgrating to 4.01U With Waninkoko's 4.01 Firm Installer, the wiiMotes didn't wanted to connect! I check it was the WiiMotes, but the WiiMotes were working ok(I connect them to my Laptop via Bluetooth and BlueSolail). After that I start thinking it was the UPDATE that didn't install some drivers or something The Wii COnsole actually turn on, and go to Wii Menu like nothingng happend, oinly that WiiMotes didn't connect

    But I ask a friend to lend me his wii and he gave it to me, I replace the Wii Bluetooth module on his Wii and put it on mine, totally works! Of course I put it back , it was just for testing and verification purposes.

    I did figured out what was dameged on my Wii Console
    But I screw up his Wii DVD Drive lol Hopefully I know how to fix it and it wouldn't be a problem.

    So, just buy another BT module, replace it and your Wii Console it's good to go

    Since I'm so cheap, I'm going to try to fix the damaged BT module that my Wii Console has


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    thats weird though, becasue my system menu doesn't boot like you said yours did.

    Anyway, could you explain to me how to go about replacing my BT module f334rtist? A link or something would also be helpful.


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    Thumbs up Easy as pie!

    DUDE, lol super easy

    Did you ever open your Wii Console Before ?

    Well if you haven't:
    You need:
    a Tri-Wing Screwdriver
    a Cross- Screwdriver
    Both of them can buy here

    a Wii bluetooth module replacement
    Buy it here

    an edge-cuting knife (Swiss Army ?)

    Well since humans understand visual explanations than just text based ones...
    here is a vid:

    NOTE:Forget about the creepy voice

    The BT module its located in the front part of the wii:

    Easly remove the Damaged BT module , by pulling upwards and disconecting; and then put the New one on the Wii.

    That's all

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    Thank you so much!!! will let you know as soon as it works!


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