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Thread: problem with all vc games

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    problem with all vc games

    I have a 4.1u softmod with usb loader gx r723, preloader 029, and everything works great except vc games, neither wad or app emulaters work. all wiiware titles i have tried work, I have looked for a few weeks and read alot of posts but no luck with a fix. tried ios37, but that makes everything else not work and doesnt fix the vc games problem. any help would be great. thanx

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    So you cant load them or they wont install?

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    if done by wad, they install. the emulators load then immediatly get dsi exception error/stack dump. a wad of any vc games just hang on a black screen or sometimes the wii resets. if by hbc , the mulators do the same thing as by wad. all are good wads, i used them on other mods i've done, and they worked with no problems.

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