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Thread: Custom IOS error Ver 4.1e

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    Custom IOS error Ver 4.1e


    Please I hope someone can help I have been truling forums for a week now and no joy.

    My Wii is ver 4.1e and i think it is IOS61 V19.26

    I have installed the home brew channel from the twilight hack on the homebrew I have also installed the USB loade when I try to load the usb loader I get the Custom ISO error. I have tried installing CIOS38R14 but that errors as well any help mush appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Instaling custom ISO

    installing CIOS38R14 but get this error at very end anybody help me here please at it for 3 day's looking for nearest bridge

    >> Install Error! (ret = -2011)

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    Nearest bridge? Lost in translation perhaps?

    Anyway your Wii needs to be patched before it can install wads or cIOS. Use the brilliant TBR tutorial or search '2011 error'
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    same error to me, even with TBR


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