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Thread: Banner Brick @ 4.0(USA), DriveKey installed

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    Banner Brick @ 4.0(USA), DriveKey installed

    I've been having a lot of issues with trying to unbrick my official 4.0 Wii. I'm thinking my last resort is sending it for repairs with $60(I get a discount for it being an old Wii). But before I do that, I want to try my best to unbrick without the need of sending it to Nintendo.

    My Status:
    • Upgraded to 4.0(USA) by accident.
    • Installed a faulty WAD named WiiSX (something)
    • Do not have: cIOSCORPS, Starfall, Bootmii, or Preloader installed.
    • Homebrew and Wad Manager 1.3 are installed.
    • I have a DriveKey installed. However, it's not set to autoboot.
    • I have an autoboot Brawl DVD9 iso burnt to a DVD+R DL Verbatim DVD. (I've tried to boot this on the Recovery Mode using the GC Controller trick. Disc just continues to spin)
    • I have tried to boot an Autoboot Monster Hunter 3 but I get an "An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button and remove the disc..." black screen. I'm assuming its the DriveKey rejecting itc

    I'm just hoping someone can help me out here as I think I'm pretty much screwed. I haven't tried the UUDv2 (Universal Unbrick Disc v2) because from what I've been reading, people say it doesn't work.

    EDIT: I've noticed I posted this in the wrong area. May some one move it please?
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    i have an autoboot wad manager iso in my mediafire - link is in one of the stickies, if you can boot it, use it to uninstall the bad wad....can you take the drivekey out and set it to autoboot? gotta be worth a try...


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