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Thread: Nicks for EA games

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    Thumbs up Nicks for EA games

    This a thread to keep record of the ea users, so that if you own a EA game with online modes, it will be easier to find buddies to play with.
    Here is how you have to post

    a) post your nick
    b) mention the EA games that you own and that have online modes

    i'll start, as the list progresses, i'll add you to the list

    • donaldgx: FIFA 09; FIFA 10; NBA live 09; Grand Slam Tennis

    • skinnyduck: Grand Slam Tennis; PGA Tiger Woods 2010

    • xeronnex: FIFA 10

    • wiicodes: FIFA 10; Tiger Woods

    • ziut25: Tiger Woods 2010
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    grand slam tennis
    pga tiger woods 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiicodes View Post
    fifa 10
    tiger woods
    i'll suppose that your ea nick is wiicodes, if i'm wrong please correct me

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    Tiger Woods 2010

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    Grand Slam Tennis


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