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Thread: How to get this file to ISO?

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    How to get this file to ISO?

    I spent six months out of the Wii world and the torrent files are not anymore in ISO format. How can I convert these files to ISO??? All the files are named like "com]" Here is an example file name:[WII]Wii Sports Resort [PAL][]

    Rawdump and powerISO do not recognize these files that are everywhere. So please help me and tell how to make these into ISO.

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    They have no file extention?

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    Are you sure that isn't a website? Most ISO are in RAR format, install WinRAR. Then get ImgBurn and install that.

    I guess the first thing you should try doing after downloading the ISO is to right click the downloaded file and select "extract here".

    -If it will not extract then it is an ISO and ready to burn.
    -If it does extract a single file, that is the ISO, burn the extracted file.
    -If it extracts multiple files, right click on the top file (that was extracted) and select "extract here", and an ISO will extract (don't worry if the ISO looks like a RAR file), now you can burn the ISO.

    The ISO will all ways be 4.37 GB.
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    Ok, the problem was that the winrar did not recognice the files. And when right clicking the file it didn't offer the possibility to "extract here". But when choosing Winrar from the applications list it worked.

    I'm sorry to bother you and I appreciate the help! Maybe this thread will help someone else as stupid.
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