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Thread: PAL Or NTSC?

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    Question PAL Or NTSC?

    A have a PAL Europe Wii and can play both PAL and NTSC games fine on it.

    My question is which is better, PAL Or NTSC?

    I just got the NTSC version of Mini Ninjas the other day, but now a PAL version has been released. Should I stick with the NTSC version or would the PAL be better picture quality or anything like that?

    Thanks for any help

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    It is always better to run the version that is native to your system and tv display.

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    PAL I believe has more pixels. Assuming of course the programmer actaully uses them.


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    ZeeBee is right

    I think this is something to do with the type of TV we most likely have. More people in PAL areas will have LCD TV's wth 16:9 ratio.

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    In the case of a few games such as the NTSC No More Heroes it's uncensored while the PAL version is.


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