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Thread: WiiScrubber?

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    Question WiiScrubber?

    Hey guys and i wanted to know How to use Wiiscrubber on an ISO File?

    Any Help Please!

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    Btw the File i got had comments on saying "I ran the ISO through WiiScrubber and Brickblocker and it now works!" But he had a modchip, Will i need to Scrub the ISO for it to work on my Softmodded wii? Or has this been updated in newer cIOS and i can just burn the Image and Play?

    Also my Firmware version is 3.2E
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    This tut gives you the basics.

    You don't need to scrub the image at all to use it and it makes no difference if he had a softmod or modchip. Scrubbing it to remove unnecessary data to make it easier to shrink and share the file. You can just burn and play.
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