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Thread: help Blank screen wii so maybe fully bricked

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    Arrow help Blank screen wii so maybe fully bricked

    Hi I just got a wii from a friend who bricked it, he didnít really say how he did it, anyway I have my own wii that has a Wiikey2 via wiiclip installed, I have transferred my Wiikey2 drive to the bricked wii.

    I assume that the system menu is corrupt because when powered on all I get is a blank screen however when Iíve got a GC pad in port 4 and I power the wii with all 4 d-Pad pressed I get a 3.1(EUR) on the right bottom side of the screen.

    I have tried to burn and load kitt050383 Brick Fixing Disc's found at the link blow however none of them seem to boot, my wiikey2 is set to region free so I really donít know what the problem is.

    I wanted to use AutoBoot Title Lister MAX512 to see what this wii has on it and camper it to my wii and then use AutoBoot AnyTitle Deleter MAX512 to delete all unnecessary files so that I got only the mandatory files on the bricked wii.

    Is there any way to copy my working wii system menu on the bricked wii?

    Thank you, any help is appreciated

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    Just a little update,

    I had my backup iso of Zelda TP PAL on my pc so I used WiiUpdateManager to inject Update 3.3v1E to the iso, I then used Wii_Autoboot_Creator_English to make the iso Autoboot, burned at 16X, done the button combination to get the wii into the firmware screen (right bottom corner) put the newly burned disk in and it spinedup as posted above it said 3.2E however after some time of activity from the Wii drive I was left at a complete blank screen so I pressed the reset nothing happened so I pressed and hold down the power button the wii powered off, the problem did not get fixed but now it says 3.3(EUR) and not 3.2(EUR).


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