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Thread: Friidump 4 fails DL disk at 4.37GB

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    Friidump 4 fails DL disk at 4.37GB

    I have a problem with Friidump 4 when dumping a single layer disk

    I have a GDR-8162B FW 0015 in a USB caddy.

    I have tried to dump the following SL disks and they all fail at about the 50% . I have tried to resume with both the -a and -s switch but it will not resume either. All disks are clean and work in my Wii.

    Grand Slam Tennis.iso - Failed at 4,700,012,544 bytes
    SPORTS ISLAND.iso - Failed at 4,700,078,080 bytes
    RVL Wii Fit.iso - Failed at 4,700,078,080 bytes

    I have a good dump of wii sports which I did using USB Gecko.

    Does anyone know if Friidump version 4 is only for Dual layer disks? Maybe I need to use Friidump version 3?

    Cant seem to find any google help with this but it seems I am not alone. Any help from you guys would be much apreciated.

    Rgrds Lil
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    Um None of those games are dual layer games. Theres only 2 dual layer games being SSBB and Metriod tirilogy. Use only friidump for dual layer games. Use rawdump for single layer games. Give that program a try and if you run into problems (which you propably will as everyone does) PM me.

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    Jason thanks for your reply.

    That is interesting as Friidump identifies the disks as DL. Do I need to use version 3 for SL Disks?
    I have tested the ISO's it has produced and they are all bad.

    I Have tried Rawdump before I think with bad results - faulty drive prblem I think.

    I get very slow rip speeds using rawdump and also through the USB gecko method so thought I might try dumping to USB next and find a USB loader - Any advice with this as it seems like a convenient way of accessing the iso's rather than having to insert a disk every time. It may save my D2C drive which is making a lot of noise and likely to die soon.

    Cheers again for the reply!
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    I still dont understand if Friidump should have worked for single layer disks but in my case it did not.

    I have tried Rawdump 2.0 & 2.1 and both have the "faulty Drive" problem even though the drive is fine in Friidump.

    I have now installed Softmod on my Wii and USB loader 1 which dumpd the disks in minutes instead of Hours which is amazing.

    I dont see the point at this stage of trying to get Friidump or Rawdump working as this method will never be as quick.

    Thanks for help from this Forum.


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