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Thread: D2CKey 3.4U how to update to 4.1; add USB Loader and Homebrew

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    D2CKey 3.4U how to update to 4.1; add USB Loader and Homebrew


    So I am a noob to wii modding scene. I have a US NTSC Wii with D2CKey and fw 3.4U.

    All backup game dvds work fine (even SMG) except I tried Sonic & the Black knight and it asked me to update and warned that update might ruin my hw changes. so not knowing anything about updates I stopped.

    Poked around this forum and I am very confused as to where to start.
    Here's what I want:
    Update fw 3.4u to 4.x and still be able to play all backups
    Add USB loader so I can dump my iso files to an external Hard drive and play games off of it.
    Add the ability to play MP4/MKV/XviD/AVI videos from USB HD
    Add homebrew and/or wad manager so I can play those games via USB HD.

    Can someone please tell me the steps I should take and versions of sofware/hacks I need to install to accomplish my wish list above without bricking my wii.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No one to help? what a lame community site. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It was a bit of a lame question.

    It's also possible that your post was overlooked seeing as you placed it in the modchip section when what you really want to do is softmod your Wii? And you wonder why it was ignored? Go figure?
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Thanks for replying. I posted it in the modchip section because I do have a modchip in my Wii (mentioned it in my post "D2CKey"). Your signature states you have both hard and soft mods on your system with a USB loader and 320GB USB HD. That is exactly what I want to do. But I rather get blamed for posting in wrong section or NOT searcing the lame answers to my lame questions.

    Thanks, but no Thanks.


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