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Thread: [HELP]Problems with copying game isos to my harddisk

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    Exclamation [HELP]Problems with copying game isos to my harddisk

    Hello IDK if im at the good place to ask but Ill give it t a try.
    I have a soft modded wii (for a few days) so I wanted to download a game called 'mariokartwii' after it was finished I tried to burn it with 'imgburn' but I realized my little bro's pc (where I downloaded mariokartwii on) hadn't a burner (IDK the word I hope you know what I mean)
    So I tried to put the Iso file (really weird it looks like a rar file and it says a rar file but I can open it as an Iso image) on my extern harddisk to burn it with my laptop that has a burner, so i tried and after 1 second I get this error!

    its dutch but in english it says (in a few words):'THE FILE IS TO BIG!'

    after that I tried to download a another game I tried to copy that one on my extern hard disk and I gain the same error (that the file is to big and cant put it on my harddisk).

    I download with: Utorrent
    their: iso's and [PAL]
    The file is: 4,37 gb

    So my questsion is now: Can anyone tell me how to fix this so I can copy my wii games on my harddisk to burn it with my laptop.

    Please help I really really want this!,


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    can no one help me with this little problem...

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    you can't copy a file bigger than 4gb to a fat32 hard disk

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    So Im not able to get that file on my harddisk?
    So how is it possible to run games on your wii with the your harddisk (you run the games in your harddisk with the wii)

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    You could extract the compressed file, then compress it again into multiple parts.

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    2GB is a FAT32 limit for filesize. Our Wii external hard drives are formatted using the WBFS file system which is not restricted to 2GB.

    You can format your drive as NTFS and the problem will never occur again.
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