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Thread: Injecting Wad

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    Injecting Wad

    Hi all.

    Currently im experimanting on creating my own vc wads,put roms and injecting them into wads.

    Im using a program called Impaler WadCreator, easy to use.

    The wads i have created do work on my wii, no problem, but im confused coz ive changed the icon on the channels using wadder, but i carnt change the game title. the channel will open on the wii, and then it will show, below the picture of the game the orignal title name, .


    I injected Toki Genisis into Vectorman. Changed the icon so it show Toki Picture,on the wii when i click the channel it opens and show toki picture but still vectorman game title.

    So what im asking is how can i change the game title, im so confused. Please somebody guide me.

    Thank You.

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    do you have a tutorial for this one? i can only find tutorials for earlier versions


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