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Thread: Neogamma loader

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    Neogamma loader

    I have neogamma loader R7 installed, can it load gamecube backups?
    Also can i load them from an USB?

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    Gamecube backups require Custom MIOs installed and can't be loaded from a USB Loader as the Gamecube never had USB ports.

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    oh and do PAL and NTSC games work?

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    but Neogama does load gamecube backups?

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    Not sure about neogamma being able to load GC backups but Wiigators GC backup loader is able to load NTSC and PAL GC backups.

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    i have neogamma nd coverfloader but certain games dont run correctly.

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    NeoGamma can load some Game Cube games but you are probably better off using something meant for those games such as Game Cube Backup Loader

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    Thanks for the neogamma v7 note

    I've been wondering if it would load them ... not actually tried it yet, but now that I know ... I will try it

    I was actually searching for a GC Backup loader ... not any more

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    My advice to you would be to download Wiigators Gamecube Backup Launcher as it has a good compatibility rate.

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    Us Works for me!!!

    Ive loaded many in neogamma!! Plays gamecube games!! Theres a few good game cube games!!!

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