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Thread: WiiKeyII with RockBand Beatles

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    WiiKeyII with RockBand Beatles

    I have Wii PAL ver 3.4E with WiiKeyII
    Got RockBand Beatles - PAL game
    When inserting the disk, i'm getting the question to do system update
    Is it safe? did anyone press the update?
    Should I update through the internet (Wii setttings --> Wii system update) instead?

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    no its not safe to update. Set your loader to skip system update. At least it is a PAL game and PAL Wii. You may have to do an update but do it through a wad. 3.4 does not have many virtues.

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    Any idea how to set wiikeyII to skip updates

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    Use the Wiikey config disc to change settings. Not sure if there's an option to skip all updates though, perhaps just non region ones. If you do skip the update there's a good chance you'll need updated IOS and it'll just black screen.
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