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Thread: I guess I misunderstood the use of USb Loader.

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    I guess I misunderstood the use of USb Loader.

    It seems that the only function of the USB Loader is ripping games off discs I ALREADY HAVE onto my usb harddrive so I can be super lazy and not have to change discs and they play a bit faster.

    What? I was hoping to download wii games offline and play them via usb loader but this doesn't seem to be the case. I mean it seems impossible since I have to format my hdd into NTFS to be recognized by my PC and I'll stick a wii game on the hdd, but then my wii goes around and reformats it to something else!

    Lame. So it's not possible to simply download the games, stick them on the drive, and enjoy them on my wii? I have to first burn them to a disc so that the wii can rip it onto the hdd?

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    I have a question.... WTF did u read?
    You use wbfs manager to format the drive, download your games, add them with wbfs manager, connect your hdd to the wii, and live the lazy life . send me a link to the backwards info you got your understandings from.

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    HAHA what you described would indeed be lame if happened tho!!!

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    Download the WBFS Manager from here. (scroll down)

    Downloads (USB Loader GX)

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    Woa those guys are greek??


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