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Thread: I want to help in COD 5 WII

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    I want to help in COD 5 WII

    How do I put MOON JUMP ONLINE and Speed Modifier ONLINE
    Works well

    I hope to be in TXT file

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    we don't like cheaters in here, especially online ones.... cheating online will get you banned

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    Online cheating is just sad, if you can't rely on your own skill to win then whats the point in playing.

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    im sure if you would have searched this topic before you posted , you would have found many many similar answers to the ones you recieved. i know i have been ranting for a couple of days in several different posts about dousch bags and online cheating. Cheaters ruin the game.for every one. hope all the cheaters out there get banned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    we don't like cheaters in here, especially online ones.... cheating online will get you banned
    Why is this forum named wii hacks

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    Because we hack the Wii HARDWARE not Wii Games.

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    Yeah, online cheaters suck big time. What in the hell do they do when they come across another cheater. A big stalemate I assume cause neither one can die. Talk about lame with their artificially boosted ranks and scores.What a person does against the computer in their own time is fine, but what's the purpose in doing it against an actual intelligent person?

    There's still online cheaters in Mario Kart Wii online. Most just don't make it as obvious as others that nuke a whole match with Blue shells and lightning bolts. Play against the computer for a while then go online and play. The difference is almost unbelievable. When playing online take note of how many people one comes across who don't budge when the most simple items are used in the race. A skilled driver knows how to block and avoid Red Shells etc. Though there some items that are truly are unavoidable, but damn... I could go on and on about this for a while.

    Most notable cheaters I've come across online in Mario Kart Wii:

    Jap Hater
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    yeah every time I play someone comes and shootes infinity grenades at me its jsut sad like sniper123 he flies around and shoots. I wanted to find the cheat so i can get him back but i dont know if anyone has any ideas. Anyways I'm up to 2nd prestige lvl. 52 WITH NO CHEATING!

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    If you cheat then YOU become the retard that cheats.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    anyways ive decided to give up on cheating becuase anyways ive got the skill to do it on my own.


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