So I know there are plenty of threads out there about problems with this game but I have yet to find any solutions. So I thought I would make this thread and see if anyone can help out.

Im currently using USB loader GX r720, IOS 229v14, IOS 222, IOS 223 [36/37].

So the main problem Is of course the error you get after completing Classic Mode, and sometimes freezes in Subspace Emissary. This has been said to be a problem with ISO229v14 by many and I believe this to be true.

So here lies the problem. I switch the game over to IOS 223 [36/37] but usually at boot I will receive a black screen using this IOS. Sometimes it will get past the black screen (After several attempts and turning on/off block ISO reload) And then there will be no problems with the game at all.

Anyways Is there a known fix for the black screen issue that you will sometimes receive, or perhaps just a workaround. All help is appreciated.