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Thread: double vision wii backups

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    double vision wii backups

    i made a backup of rayman raving rabbid and when i went to play it the picture looked like it was double vision, it also happened to a couple of games i downloaded.

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    My friend had this when trying to play NTSC games on his PAL wii and TV.

    The TV did not auto switch over to NTSC so he ended up with double vision.

    He easily solved the problem by going into his CFG usb loader settings and forcing the game to play in Pal settings.

    If you are using gecko to play your games or whatever loader or disc loader you should be able to change the settings to force the game to PAL if an ntsc and vice versa.


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    thanks i tried that all of the wii games are working except 2

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    Which ones?

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    super paper mario and wii sports 2


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