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Thread: Broken drive

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    Us Broken drive

    Hi all. My kids broke the drive on our wii...I am going to order another one and replace it...but in the mean time, I have the hbc installed along with neo gamma.
    I never really tried very hard with a larger drive but, neogamma worked on my thumb drive and I loaded a game to it.
    The point that my drive on the wii is broken, can I still load ISO's on a hardrive somehow and play them through neogamma?
    I cannot seem to find a way to do this. If neo gamma doesn't do this, is there a way to mpunt ISO's another way?
    Thanks in advance...

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    Being relatively new to this myself I believe you need to install a usb loader program to the hbc as well as a wbfs manager program to your pc to load your iso's onto either your sd card or hard drive I have a broken drive on my wii and thats how we play our games

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    Thanks, I'll give it a try..I didn't know if it would work that way or not. Or..I mean I didn't know if the wii had to create the ISO for it to work.

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    I used wbfs manager to load the ISO's i had backed up and it worked great! Now i just need a bigger drive! Thanks again.


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