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Thread: WiiKey Fusion Announced

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    Well that's just made my decision easier... I'll probably get a D2Sun chip instead.

    "In the latest d3-2 drives that started appearing in Wiis in Europe and North America at the start of August 2009. If your DVD drive is a D3 version 2 it will not be able to play backups in disc format, but will be able to run ISOs from SD cards!"
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    Sunkey16GB modchip moduleenables the dumping, the storage and the iso interchange (Wii-PC), applicable on D2/nothing

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    Here's a reason for SD cards:
    I have all my games on a USB drive, everything plays well. Expect Rockband2 with a WiFi drumset, I can't run the USB drive and the USB Wi Fi reciver at the same time. Game works fine with Guitars and the drums work fine with the DVD. Can you tell me how to have 2 USB's working at the same time? Otherwise this product will work for me on a as needed basis.

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    ktm450, you can already use SD cards if you have your wii softmodded, which I assume you do cause you say you use a USB drive. Most USB loaders will also load from SD. So wheres the problem? Just put Rockband2 on an SD card and play it from that leaving your USB slot free for the drumkit.

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    Thanks for the insight, but I'm confussed. Sent you a PM.

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    Well I could use this.

    I don't have a USB hard drive, and I didn't know that the wii doesn't detect my Kingston USB Pen Drive, I used WBFS to format it, but no go.

    So this could get me by till I buy a hard drive + a USB enclosure.

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    is that means, with the WiiKeyFusion, players still have to install the new IOS for their home-made "new backups" ?

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    great commercial.

    so is it out right now?

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    tell mo more.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by ModChipsDirect View Post
    Just curious, how much of that 500GB do you use atm?

    A Harddrive solution probably would have been better, but probably harder to install.
    the D2Sun team have a product coming out called sundriver

    would that interest you softmodders? Or is it totally free or nothing?
    is it annoying for you guys to have to update files when new games come out?
    No I just want hassle free modchip that doesn't require any soft modding to play Wii / Gamecube , Region free, Homebrew Channel and support for Action Replay cheating on the fly such as Viper Chip for Gamecube.

    Basically a chip that does everything with USB Hard drive support.
    If games run perfectly off Hardrive save on Clutter .

    I would say this chip is good the whole drive emulation concept but just replace SDCard with USB Hardrive that would be ultimate

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