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Thread: Im A Newbie Whp Needs A Lil Help If U Have Time:)

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    Im A Newbie Whp Needs A Lil Help If U Have Time:)

    Hello im gettin a wiikey chip fitted in my daughters wii and need a few question answered please if you have got 5 mins to spare.i havwe tried to research but im readin to many different things that i need to do

    wen chip is fitted do i need to update as ive herd i need to run 1.9g to run mario galaxy

    ive read about 1.9g but dont get the padding side of it so if any one can send me a link to the full thing that would be sound

    whats all this smg about?

    no plans to go online with wii so i expect theres no chance of me having to ever update anythin?

    thanks for ur time

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    some games need updates to run, so they have the updates on the disk. Most of the new nintendo games have them. I know Metroid Prime 3 has it.


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