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Thread: wiikey 2 install screw up

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    wiikey 2 install screw up

    Well I found out after opening my brand new wii that I had a D2E board on the drive covered in that black Epoxy crap. So I looked up some info on removal of the black death and brought the drive with me to work. I used a heat pencil and heated it up to chip it away with a scalpel. I got the first corner done ok and when I went to the second I ended up gouging the board and completely removed the via from where point G is on the install guide.

    So i figured my board is scrap. I went ahead and ordered a replacement drive board but I ordered a D2C so I wouldn't have to mess with the epoxy.

    I shouldn't have any problems using the D2C board with the WiiKey 2 on my drive should I?

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    no u shouldnt, wiikey2 works with everything!

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    Your drive is still actually fine as well. Have you tested it? There are alternate g points that you can use. If you send me a PIC of what happened or explain it a bit better I might still want to buy it off of you.

    Have you tested the drive? If it works I will buy it from you if you want to sell it just shoot me a PM. I can repair the damaged board.


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