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Thread: Full Brick (SaveMiiFrii No worky will SaveMii work?)

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    Full Brick (SaveMiiFrii No worky will SaveMii work?)

    So my bud softmoded his wii US wii to play Monster Hunter Tri, during process he mistakenly allowed the game disc to do an update = US wii updating via Japanese = Black screen full brick

    I tried SaveMii Free (GameCube Controller) that does not yield any results at all he already ordered an actual Savemii. My question is if savemii free does not work, does not even go to text at bottom right screen with system mennu version/location. Does he have a saving grace that an actual savemii wiil work?

    If no any suggestion?

    Thanks in advance
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but a savemii is just stripped down version of the gamecube handset. If the GC don't work then the savemii won't either. I had full brick with black screen and tried everything taking loads ofinfo from different forums but no joy. Return to N or an independent console repairer can sometimes change the mobo.


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    black screen full brick is only recoverable by bootmii... if you dont have it in boot 2 then give it back to N


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