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    I am new here and have some questions. Anyone free?

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    You should always post the questions in the first post so that people can help.

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    Fire away!

    What is your ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by fredrogers View Post
    Fire away!

    What is your ?

    I have a wii with software version 4.1u. Is there any system or software out there that will allow me to play burned games. I have been told I have to roll back the software to 4.0 ive been told u dont need to I am confused. I have no history with the wii and trying to get in where I fit in which is in the beginning stages of my journey to give my kids the unlimited experience of having no limits in game play. Can I play burned games or not. Did I mess my wii up by going to far up in softeware(4.1U)? Can anything be done and if not when do you think help will be available?

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    look for the post titled - Softmod for dummies 4.1. . al you need is there. dont forget to search your questions in the search box before you post. this is covered numerous times on this forum. thanx


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