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Thread: Help to Upgrading to USB2.0 without internet

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    Cool Help to Upgrading to USB2.0 without internet

    Hey Guys,

    I have successfully hacked my wii thanks to you guys and this forum, I have Wii 4.0E. Now I have been trying to play some HD Movie files in formats such as MKV, MP4, H264 thru USB 4GB stick, but has been unsuccessful, they do play audio flawlessly but the video frame freezes and when i pause and resume, it shows the video frame at that moment and then freezes again. My DIVX & XVID video files play flawlessly. I assume that this is due to USB 1.1 capabilities of wii and think that if I upgrade to USB 2.0, I shud be able to play HD videos without any problem. I have done lot of searching on the internet and here for last couple of days but have been only able to find installers which need wii with internet which I do not have. Can you guys advice me thru this or give me a link to find the installer which doesn't need wii with internet.


    HEY guys

    I found offline installation for CIOS for USB2.0, but the problem of video frame freezing for HD movie file like MKV and MP4 still persists, please help
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    have a try with geexbox or mplayer CE
    List of homebrew applications - WiiBrew

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    Wii hardware cannot handle HD movies, so they lag too much. It cannot be fixed, so stay with the normal quality

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    If you are running a newer cIOS you don't need anything else as the usb 2.0 enhancement is really an enhancment to the ehci driver which every current cIOS uses. Listen to messie, the wii hardware was not designed to handle HD movies. And why the hell would you stream HD movies through a console that isn't HD? Thats kind of retarded. Its like ooh imma watch this 1080P Lord of the Rings through my wii's 480p cables cauze i am the leet.

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    wii aint HD so it wont play correctly if u wanna watch HD movies do so on PC or ps3!


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