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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    So I've been reading around and I checked out the comparison chart and stuff, and it contradicts so of the stuff of the home pages for a few of the sites so, I'd like to ask a question.

    I'm interested in getting a mod-chip thats ungradeable

    -can play back ups from all regions or at least ntsc and japan

    -if possible the ablity to turn it off

    -DVD play back would be nice but i don't really care

    -Playing GC back up's would be nice as well but i digress its not super necessary.

    sorry if this bothers you I'm just have to go somewhere soon and i need to figure this all out b4 I go.

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    listen if u mean "Upgredable" so imo wiikey is da best.
    if u mean " unupgradeable" so u wont be able to play any new games like Super mario galaxy and future mario releases.
    wiikey suites ur choice imo except the dvd playback.



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