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Thread: How to connect to foreign shop channel? (error 205958)

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    Talking How to connect to foreign shop channel? (error 205958)

    I have a korean wii. I changed my wii region to japan to play

    [monster hunter 3 online]. but I couldn't connect japanese shop channel.

    Previously : South Korea
    Current : Japan
    If the setting is correct, select OK.
    -> OK then,popup the nintendo club screen, I clicked "Do not Link"

    and it shows error code 205958.

    I googled solutions, and I only found that it is sever side block.

    and I guess the sever blocks region changed wii by Mac address.

    I saw some articles foreign wii connect to MH3 online. How can they do?

    I tried to search something like "Wii mac address changer", there is no

    such utility. orz

    I really want to play MH3 online.

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    Any solutions on this one? I have the same problem on my PAL Wii when I tried to change shop region to US.

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    what did u find of SHOP CHANNEL with Channel File Manager ? is it addressed to Japan ?


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