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Thread: Questions about the DriveKey

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    Us Questions about the DriveKey

    Hey guys ... new to the forums and new to the Wii and the DriveKey.

    I purchased my wii (used) and a drivekey last week. I installed it and everything seems to be working fine.

    Dynx [Didnt Work]
    Maxell [Worked]
    Verbatim [Didnt Work]

    Games Tested
    Super Mario Galaxy [Works]
    Wii Resort [Works]
    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz [Works]
    Mario Kart [Works]

    So my questions are:
    1) How do I find out what gen my drivekey is?
    2) What firmware my Wii is running currently?
    3) Has anyone backed up a game that is DL? What brand of DVD did you use?
    4) Does anyone get an error during their games that says error reading disc please eject and restart? (I got that once or twice, so I ejected the game turned it off and unplugged it for couple secs and then was able to play the game)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fahadsiddiqui View Post
    Dynx [Didnt Work]
    Maxell [Worked]
    Verbatim [Didnt Work]
    DVD-R or DVD+R media?

    Wrt your questions:

    1) Look at the diode on the DriveKey chip itself. Search this forum section for more info on this.
    2) It's stated in the Wii System Menu, under system settings.
    3) Yes, just remember to set the layer break (search the forum). SSBB works fine for me. Burned on Verbatim DL media.
    4) Not here, but I've seen a couple of other users report something similar. Don't know why it does this.
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