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Thread: Drivekey half working help

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    Unhappy Drivekey half working help

    Hi guys, it's good to be here...I'm new at this things, so please be patient
    I just install a Drivekey on my wii.
    Works ok with some games (list below) but in other games just freezes (list below). I've update to Wii version 4.1.
    The screen stays in the begin (wii channels) and i need to turn off to be able to get out of there. All games are Pal and the drivekey is set for Australia and Europe. All the games are unscrubbed. I've tried to burn 2 games one next to the other one, and one works, the other no, both in the same drive and the same brand of dvd. The dvd's I'm burning are Riteks and DVD-R. The speed I'm using 4X and burning with ImgBurn.
    I can play originals with no fuss and some backups.
    The list are:
    Don't work:-Guitar Hero 3, Ferrari Challenge Deluxe and Guitar Hero World Tour
    Work:- Grand Slam Tennis, Winter Sports 09, Worlds Sports Party.

    Please can someone give me some ideas about what's wrong?
    Really really thanks in advance for any idea.
    I'm just a father trying to give my daughters some fun...and for me to..

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    I assume the Wii itself is PAL, too?

    Do you have any softmods installed?

    Just to troubleshoot, could you try a different brand of DVD-R media and burn with 2x speed?

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    Yes, the Wii is Pal and I do not have any softmods install.
    Ok, I just try 2 things.
    One I bought a new drive, the other one was 2 years old, this one it says is a Sonny.
    The other thing, I try Verbatim and TDK, both -R and in both it did not work.
    Can someone have any idea PLEASE?

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    "I've tried to burn 2 games one next to the other one, and one works, the other no"

    I'm not too sure what you mean by this???

    Also make sure all of the ribbon calbes are connected properly.


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