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Thread: Cheat on Resident Evil backup

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    Cheat on Resident Evil backup

    How can i use the cheat codes on RE4, I created the cgi file and try to load the disc in USB gecko 1.9.1 , When i start loading the games it tells me that it's applying the cheat codes but then it comes up with a disc error.

    If i load the disc through neogamma r6 (cIOS249) the game works....but i like to cheat in games.


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    16 views and no reply.........hmmmm

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    Easy peasy mate

    Download hombrew browser and then run it, download code downloader and also install code manager. Also download Ocarina and once you have used code downloader and used code manager to convert the text to gct and load your disc through Ocarina. I use it for Res Evil after I completed it and it great!
    I have now completed the game over 20 times now.
    With the cheats when you sell an item like a spinal etc you suddenly get 1800 of them, so you can get full money in no time.
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    Thanks buddy, All working now


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