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Thread: Mystery Channel displayed with a "?"

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    Exclamation Mystery Channel displayed with a "?"

    I have a Channel displayed with a "?" in system data management,i've check on the wii CS site and it states this...
    The Wii console can detect unnecessary files that may be saved on the system. When this happens, these files are displayed as a question mark (or marks) in the Data Management screen of the Wii System Settings, or in the Wii Channels menu. Deleting these files will remove the question mark(s). There are no harmful effects caused by deleting them.
    but before i delete this was just wanting to know is this maybe a softmod file it takes up 15 blocks on the system and cant be moved to an sd
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    It's probably a loader or something, I've seen this on my Wii too. It shows a question mark when it can't show the proper picture. Look at all the channels on your wii menu, then go to where you delete them and you will notice that one is missing, well not really, it has a question mark instead. If it's something you want on your menu then do not delete it.

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    I have one of those also but I've never cared for what its purpose is so I left it alone.

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    It's been awhile, but If I remember right... it is DVDx.

    Edit: Just looked at mine... and it is.
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