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Thread: problems with homebrew channel

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    problems with homebrew channel

    i have installed 3.1-4.1 for any wii and every thing is working fine.but when i open homebrew channel all the programs are there but not the one so i can get to homebrew i very new at this so please help me i need the gamecube player but i cant get i when the link in homebrew channel are missing

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    Don't get you. Homebrew channel is homebrew.

    Do you mean Homebrew Browser? Look at Wiibrew to download it.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    As Tealc99 has told you, the Home Brew Channel (HBC) is simply a hub from which other applications can be run. I was having trouble understanding you, but if I am correct, then what you need is a method of playing your Gamecube games. Is that right?

    The correct terminology is a 'Gamecube Loader' (GL), searching for that will give you some results. You will need to download and install a GL, which can then be accessed via your HBC.

    Installing your GL as a 'channel' in your system menu is an additional procedure.

    Hopefully someone more experienced will guide you in the right direction.

    Good luck!


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