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Thread: Disc Loading Issues...HELP!

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    Disc Loading Issues...HELP!

    I have problems loading 2 games: Mario Kart and Wii Sports Resort.
    I also backed them up onto my USB via USB Loader GX, but they don't load from there either. When I try to load either one of the games, the screen flickers green and all I can do is turn off the Wii.

    Can anyone help???

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    do you have latest cioses and neogamma r7? WSR won't play that easy, search around for an alternate dol method

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    i use USB Loader GX to launch my backup games normally.
    i did the alternate dol thing following the tute in this forum. the movie worked in WSR, but when i turned the wii off and back on like it says, nothing changed.
    and WSR doesn't even load from the original disc that i bought. what's the deal with that?

    have any idea why mario kart doesn't work? tried both the original disc and the backup of it

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    Forget usb loader gx

    I first tried gx and found many games would not play, and there is a problem with the cover flow downloads.
    So I decided to try the trusty Neogamma R7 as usb loader and it works a treat, works with every game.
    Also install Cios rev 14.

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    i just Love the GUI of USB Loader GX so i prefer to use it. the only 2 games that don't work for me are WSR and Mario Kart. i had problems with the covers and disc images for a few games too, but i found this site: | Your home for Wii artwork. Boxart | Discart | 3D Boxart | Full covers
    kind of inconvenient, but not a Huge pain in the ass

    i tried neogamma R7, but all i can get for it to do is show that stupid movie about motion+, can't actually Play!

    and i do have cIOS38 rev14

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    There is no"i like" in this, if it does not play, it does nt. just use neogamma for mario kart and search for the alternate dol method


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