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Thread: 4.0U Problems with downgrading, etc.

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    Unhappy 4.0U Problems with downgrading, etc.

    Ok, so I have successfully installed the homebrew channel on my wii using the bannerbomb technique. However in order for me to play backups, I need to be able to instal dvdx, and the backup loader channel. Neither of these programs will instal on my wii or work properly. I keep getting errors. I tried doing the Cios thing by getting different sets of it. Nothing will install because wadmanager doesnt work properly. So I was doing some reading and it seems that I need to downgrade my wii to 3.2? and then I can instal the Cios249 thats needed? and then my wad manager will work and I can install dvdx and the backup loader channel? Is this correct? And ive looked for downgraders to take me from 4.0 to 3.2 but all the ones I find are ment to be used with wadmanager. which doesnt work. how can i solve this issue to get these channels installed and play backups? thankss

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    DO NOT DOWNGRADE!!! you will brick. Just do the Trucha bug restore thing

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    Gotcha. Looked into it all. found a nice tutorial. It set me up and within about an hour and a half my wii was all up and running. thanks


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