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Thread: Did someone already try...? homebrewizard

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    Did someone already try...? homebrewizard

    Googling, I found the site below:
    HomeBreWizard.COM- Unlock your wii safely and Play downloaded games, backup games, imported games for free

    they promisemiracles with this software. Too good to be true.
    Did anyone try...?

    I did not find searching inside the forums.

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    If they charge you it is a scum(freud)

    do this
    it is bound to work, it is free and it is safe, all people do it in here... just read around ok before trying it

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    Laugh at that website. My oh my they have such a grasp of the English language.

    I already bought a kind of homebrew software, why should I buy a homebreWizard?
    Go rebuild your Nintendo WII and let it bring your life more fun!
    With the help of HomeBreWizard, you are able to turn your Wii console into a super multimedia game station that you can never imagine
    And the best
    Wii Hombre Wizard is currently 50% for sale.
    Homebre Wizard

    They can't even decide on a solid way of branding their so called product.

    What this site does is scam you. You send them money and they probably send you bannerbomb and a few cIOS by e-mail which you can get for free/no money right here on Wiihacks using the link which messie graciously provided for you. And yes you can do all those things listed for free.

    You could always donate to Wiihacks if it helps you too, that'll help us all!
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