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Thread: Usb loader gx pal to ntsc games

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    Unhappy Usb loader gx pal to ntsc games

    Hi guys, i have a pal wii and have a mostly pal games. i Have a drivekey installed. i just got a copy of ghostbusters from the states. the game works with the cd. but it does not work with my usb loader gx could someone give me some help?

    Cheers Gasnor147

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    Running NTSC games on a PAL is OK with GX loader as the updates are skipped.
    You should have cIOS 249 Rev14. 002fix on.

    There were lots of posts on Ghostbusters a while ago, I remember a few saying,
    leaving the nunchuck unplugged at start helped on some setups.

    Don't know much about drivekey.

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    Ghostbusters is the most complicated game to run.... there are some tricks described in the forum

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    Thanks JohnWii fixed the problem


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