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Thread: try to downgrade ios now all loader hombrew freeze

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    try to downgrade ios now all loader hombrew freeze

    hey there i'm new in this forum. i post this because i don't know what else to do, tried everything i can think of and followed a lot of other post on how to use wad manager 1.4 on my wii.

    the situation is now, usb loader or any loader can't be loaded. it freeze into a black screen. the last thing i did was "download OS35-64 v1040.wad and install it using wad manager 1.4" i deleted my homebrew channel (regretted terribly) and now i'm trying to install a new one using hackmii, but everytime bannerbomb loads the boot it freezes into a black screen. i can still operate my wii just fine beside the other loader channel. i wan't to install my homebrew channel back.

    -my sistem menu is 4.0U, ios61 *i tried to downgrade the ios but always fail.
    -serial number LKM

    hopefully someone can help. i'm almost giving up here. i just started playing wii this month.

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    yes i did, i downloaded the latest from
    thank you for taking interest.

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    do you have cioscorp?

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    i'm not sure. the wii is pre-modded when it got to my hand, it plays dvd games just fine. the reason i wanted downgrade the ios is to try to play wad games. i called a nearby store asking how much would it cost, its quite expensive an he said its because they need to open the wii and sorts. i wanna make sure if did give up and send it to someone else, i am not cheated. and i read somewhere if i did something wrong while installing cioscorp, i can get brick.
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