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Thread: Waninkoko leaving the Wii scene

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    Unhappy Waninkoko leaving the Wii scene

    Source: Goodbye Nintendo Wii -

    Waninkoko the creator of the first backup loader and many other useful, at the same time possibly dangerous apps, has posted on his blog that he stops to participate actively in the Wii scene. He will continue to provide updates/bug fixes to his cIOS. He prefers to concentrate on another project larger and unrelated to the Nintendo Wii.
    It is been a while since I wanted to announce this...

    From NOW on, I'm going to stop being active in the "Wii Scene", to dedicate myself only and exclusively to the maintaining of the "Custom IOS", fixing bugs and improving it (Eg. Hermes's EHCI driver). This means that you will hardly see new apps developed by me, and the updates of the cIOS will be less frequent.

    Right now I'm working on a more priority project that has nothing to do with the "Wii Scene" (well, actually yes after all).

    Official Source: Goodbye Wii | TeknoConsolas

    Goodbye Wii
    06/09/2009 por ( Waninkoko )

    Llevaba tiempo queriendo anunciar esto...

    Desde YA voy a dejar de participar de forma activa en la scene de Wii, para a partir de ahora dedicarme única y exclusivamente al mantenimiento del "Custom IOS", corregiendo bugs y añadiendo algunas mejoras (como, por ejemplo, el driver EHCI de Hermes). Esto quiere decir que dificilmente vereis nuevas aplicaciones desarrolladas por mí, y las actualizaciones de "Custom IOS" serán menos frecuentes.

    Actualmente me encuentro trabajando en un proyecto más prioritario que no tiene que ver con la scene de Wii (bueno, realmente un poco sí después de todo).


    He will be missed but atleast he will keep updating as needed.

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    that sucks...

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    Waninkoko is a wii legend

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    We will always love u wani

    lol jks but you get the point.

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    Us Thank You!! Waninkoko

    Thanks for everything you have contributed to help this scene grow!!

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    "Right now I'm working on a more priority project that has nothing to do with the "Wii Scene" (well, actually yes after all)."

    Wonder what Waninkoko means by that, none the less, Waninkoko is a Wii god, even he needs a day of rest.

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    Damn... I've read this several times now already trying to figure out if his firmware update alternatives to the official updates will some how be available.

    Now this is when Nintendo decides to release the king of all firmware updates. Buwahahahahaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! j/k
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    Nintendo can release all the firmware updates they want but I dont think they'll kill homebrew.

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    atleast he is going to continue to release updates for his cios's so i guess thats a positive

    im sure someone out there will pick up the peices and continue his line of work

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    Maybe this is the chance for somebody else to shine?

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