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Thread: Wiikey help -- backups work bootdisc doesn't

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    Wiikey help -- backups work bootdisc doesn't

    I've just installed my wiikey and I cannot use any of the bootdiscs.
    However, backups work!

    I've burned the 1.2, 1.3 discs, tried different medium, but I get 'an error has occurred..' The game is NTSC, and I've been burning the wiikey US discs.

    Strange, any thoughts?

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    Do you know what current version is on the chip? I understand there is a problem reading boot disks with the latest "unsupported" 1.9g version of the chip

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    i had to boot with the 1.2 and enable regiofree then i could sue the 1.3 the 1.2 had to be 1.4 gig as well

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    if your wii version is 3.0 or 3.1 you cant activate the boot discs.
    you need to download the GCOS 1.2 config disc (u have to have gamecube controller) enable region override and than enter the 1.3 config disc and wallah!
    if u mean that u cant activate even the update to 1.9g try to do what i wrote to and if it doesn't work burn it on DVD - R in the 1.4GIG version and hope for the best.
    if it wont work send it to a specialist, maybe the soldering is bad.



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