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Thread: very noob questions about softmoding..

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    very noob questions about softmoding..

    hi all, first port

    I've been interested to softmod my wii (LU65 with the latest 4.1 firmware)

    I've been reading around and oh man is the info overwhelming.. a billion patches and applications floating around.

    I have a few simple questions to which I can't find the answer for certain:

    1. I understand that you can 'brick' your wii..
    a. When does this happen? (while playing games? While softmoding your Wii incorrectly?)
    b. What are the consequences? Wii goes to garbage? Is it possible to recover your system once it's 'bricked'?

    2. After successfully softmoding my Wii, is it simple to play backup games? (Can a young child just pop a CD in? Or does one require to apply certain patches and activate certain settings per game basis?)

    3. Does the SD-card have to be 2-GB? (Will a 4-GB work?)

    A heartfelt thanks for your help in advance.

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    Hi Toast, you need to take some deep breathes and have a good look on the tutorial section. It has all the help you need. Cant brick it welse trying to play a copy...

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    well.. first to say... i think ur a bit out of luck because i see u got a LU65 wii....
    not so much apps/sofmods work on those (atleast i havent seen any of em..yet i use a specific source...)

    1a bricking your wii CAN happen while ur are doing the softmod.. its only a rare case that this happens.. if u meet the requirements... (which is so far i know: having a wii thats NOT LU64/65 (bad luck for you ...) and a specific firmware

    1b if ur wii has been bricked... its actually just as usefull as a brick... though i wouldnt build houses from it.. maybe use it as a presse-paper, there are some ways to repair a brick (ifs its a half brick) which would be a making a backup (which is most cases the next program only seldom works... ''Preloader'' as i used for it.. im kinda lucky as it worked with my wii and my friend's wii then i was softmodding it)

    to be clear.. theres a:
    Half Brick: repairable is most/some cases
    Full Brick: trying playing catch with it... (2 or more ppl advised) (or you can just throw it away)

    2: you can indeed just pop in a cd to play the backup.. but again u need to install a thing for it... i dont remember its name.. but im sure u'll find it when u need it. (thank god for google hehe) but if u use a normal backuplauncher (usually a channel) u can in most cases just press launch game

    3: So far i have been noticed is that at firmware 4.0, the 4GB SD cards have been enabled... though older games still have a high chance not working with it (i suspect all guitar hero's older then metallica for example) the 2Gb - 4GB problem is because of the sort of system its installed as.. 2GB are almost always FAT32 and the 4GB is NTFS ---(now im getting a bit confused as FAT32 supports to 4GB)
    i think u mean does the SD have to be 2GB-4GB (will a 8GB+ work too?)

    anyways... i wish u succes with this information and good luck with it
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    4GB SDHC's dont work great, i have a selection of 2/4/8 and 16gb cards, various makes, all work, except the 4gb cards for some reason!

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    I use three different 4 GB SD cards. And they all work fine! And as for the filesystem in larger cards, I dunno if itīs ntfs but if it is why not just format the card to fat32.


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